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A Testimonial About Indirect Calorimetry

"My name is Bill Bryan, and I am a mechanical engineer who lives in Kure Beach, NC. About six years ago, I became overweight by 20 lbs. I then decided to lose weight, so I went on a diet. The first diet didn’t work, so I tried another diet, and it didn’t work.

I went on more than 7 popular fad diets, and gained weight on each and every one of them. In fact, when I started my first diet, I was 20 lbs overweight – after my 7th and final fad diet, I had gained an additional 25 lbs and went from “overweight” to “obese.”  The fad diets I personally used included Adkins™, Low-Carb, Mediterranean, Nutrisystem®, South Beach®, Weight Watchers®, and Weight Watchers® PointsPlus™. None of these fad diets worked for me. I was also visiting the gym 5x per week and bicycling 200 cal/day.

The reason I gained weight: each diet presumed my RMR was 2,000 - 2,400 calories per day, so they recommended my daily intake be between these levels. However, my actual RMR was 1,074 calories per day, and my Adjusted RMR was 1,288 calories per day!

Within 4 months I had lost 30 lbs. I have another 15 lbs to go before I reach my goal weight, but I will make that by the end of the year.  I now eat a little more than I once did, and still am losing weight because I never exceed my Adjusted RMR. I feel great no, and excited about being the same weight as high school.

I cannot preach to anyone enough to have their RMR measured.  My sister had the same problem and she measured her RMR with (indirect calorimetry). She has, for the first time in 20 years, begun to lose weight. She eats less than her Adjusted RMR and has lost 8 lbs in the first month.

(This service) is truly a "Life Extender," and every overweight/obese person should have their RMR measured!!!"

Bill Bryan, Kure Beach, NC
Cathy Hains, MS RD CLT holds a Certificate in Weight Management from the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR), which means she has specialized training and the latest knowledge in this area, along with training already received from her Masters in Nutrition.

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The See the Lite! Amazing Weight Loss For Life TM Nutrition Counseling and 8-Week Voyage to Permanent Weight Loss! 

Seeking Motivated Weight Loss Voyagers who want to be healthy for life!   At the risk of sounding like "just another weight loss program," Lighthouse Nutrition & Wellness actually does help motivated clients "see the lite" in weight loss.

Weight loss is a $60 billion + industry in the United States. We all can probably name of at least 10 weight loss plans, companies, products, fads and services right off the top of our heads. But who or what is really the go-to for one's weight loss questions?

A Registered Dietitian, especially one who specialized in weight loss, is your Preferred Source to help you with this highly personal and very important health goal. RD's are not always thought of as the experts in weight loss, because fads are much more fun to follow. But where are you on your road to self improvement?  Do you want fun and hype? Or health? Well, how about health, and then the kind of "fun" THAT will bring?

Cathy's very own 8-Week program of lifestyle change is personalized, inspiring, fun, and educational!

  • Save money over the long term of your life
  • Save years of your life
  • Improve quality of life of years left
  • Enjoy your life - Feel better! - Look better!
  • Better mobility - Less Pain
  • ​Get off some, to possibly all, medications

Before you embark, please ask your self if you are:
1.) Ready for real change, ready to do what you will need to do?
2.) Have the time and energy to go through the program, all 8+ sessions?
3.) Willing for us to help you help yourself be rid any obstacle in your path to great health?

When you are ready, here is the lineup of Cathy's voyage with you!

1. Intake - Clients often participate in one to sometimes several sessions that help the dietitian to determine your background, medical history, feelings about your health and lifestyle, what you do and don't want to do to improve your health, where your motivation level is at. When the Captain (You!) feel you are ready, we have different parts of voyages we can go on together, although all of the following are recommended.

2. Indirect Calorimetry  - What good is My Fitness Pal or other cool apps that help you lose weight, if you don't know what your RMR and true calorie needs are? Find out exactly how many calories you need to eat every day for weight loss to happen! The Gold Standard in the industry regarding accurate calorie needs assessment and measuring Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) See the testimonial to the left on this page.

3.  Grocery/Food Selection Assistance - We help you in your grocery store, your kitchen or just in the office, giving you the best information and tips to help you lose weight while sticking to most of your taste preferences.

4. Psychological Barriers to Weight Management - 
 Emotions and traditions are a big part of how we eat today. We will explore these areas and see how much of this area has been an obstacle for you, and help you find ways to overcome what has been in your way.

5.  Home Kitchen and Fitness Visit  - Find out how your home and kitchen can be your Fortress For Health & Fitness!

6. Psychological Barriers to Weight Management II - This area is such an important part of weight management that Cathy devotes at least two sessions to it.

7. Toxic Food Environment - It's not just what's in your kitchen, but at parties, on travels, at friends' houses, and of course, restaurants. Cathy helps you let these areas not become obstacles with many helpful tips that can be customized to you.

8.  Fast-Easy-Healthy Cooking Demo - This is great for folks who like meals healthy, natural and simple but don't want arduous and overly sophisticated recipes to deal with/shop for. Our program includes one cooking demo of items off our See the Lite! Menu. Bring a friend! Enjoy a sit down meal with our creations in our kitchen.

The program also includes:

Tracking Progress
- We record weight measurement information for you so you can check on your progress. Cathy will also keep track of what you are eating and, besides saying "YUM!" to your written or online food diary,  will also offer suggestions to help you get to your goal.

Support Group - We have a wonderful small group of clients who enjoy the learning, support and interaction with others on the same voyage. We meet once a week - This feature is free for all active program members! Often these can be combined with Walk N' Talks (see next line):

Walk N' Talks -  Regular LNW weight loss clients who return for follow ups will have the option of going for a nearby walk, weather permitting! Be sure to bring along sneakers and your pedometer!

Is your weight loss obstacle something other than applying the theory of calories in and out? Our multi-faceted, comprehensive program goes deep with all the factors listed above. On top of these, sometimes the cause can be inflammation caused by food sensitivities which cause bloating, See our LEAP MRT Page here.

In addition - When you use a registered dietitian for weight loss (as opposed to another packaged weight loss product or program by a large company), you get individualized medical nutrition knowledge applied to your situation, not just a one-size-fits-all-or-most product or plan. 

Upon graduation from the program, Cathy will continue to work with you on a monthly basis to continue to support you to your overall health goals.

So, are you ready for a REAL change? Then find your service and click on the table menu here!

Do you not realize that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God?

You do not belong to yourself - 1 Corinthians 6:19