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Check out our See the Lite! Amazing Weight Loss for Life! ™  8-Week Voyage to Permanent Weight Loss! 

Seeking Motivated Weight Loss Voyagers who want to be healthy for life!   At the risk of sounding like "just another weight loss program," Lighthouse Nutrition & Wellness actually does help motivated clients "see the lite" in weight loss.  Weight loss is a $60 billion + industry in the United States. We all can probably name of at least 10 weight loss plans, companies, products, fads and services right off the top of our heads. But who or what is really the go-to for one's weight loss questions?  Registered Dietitians, especially one who specializes in weight management, and with ample experience, are your  preferred source with this highly personal and very important health goal. 

Cathy's very own 8-Week program of lifestyle change is personalized, inspiring and educational!

  • Save money over the long term of your life
  • Save years of your life
  • Improve quality of life 
  • Enjoy your life - Feel better! - Look better!
  • Better mobility - Less Pain
  • ​Get off some, to possibly all, medications

Read more about our signature program here!

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​Come with us on a Voyage To Great Health!

​​ Cathy Hains is your  caring and compassionate Nutrition, Health and Weight Management Coach, for the Gig Harbor, the South Sound Area & Nationwide

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