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Good health and weight management can be difficult to attain. Through her years of experience, Cathy Hains has sought the best services she can offer to help you live the highest quality of life through health that you can. Check out our many services below. In addition, with your busy schedule, if you find that you don't have the time for  face-to-face meetings, we have great news! We offer virtual counseling to all clients for most services if paying privately and/or insurance allows. You can get the benefits of most  of our services without leaving your home. All it requires is the free program/app called Healthie. Book your virtual appointment with us today!

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​Come with us on a Voyage To Great Health!

​​ Cathy Hains is your  caring and compassionate Nutrition, Health and Weight Management Coach, for the Gig Harbor, the South Sound Area & Nationwide

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