How Nutrigenomix is Different

You may have heard of other DNA testing companies cropping up all over the place, many of which are direct-to-consumer. This can be confusing as to which company to go with. Here is why Nutrigenomix, the first choice for Lighthouse Nutrition and Wellness, stands out from the competition by far:

• Nutrigenomix’s Science Advisory Board is the most distinguished in the field of nutrigenomics, and is the only company founded by leading scientists in the field. Other genetic companies may be founded by business people who may misinterpret the science.
• Nutrigenomix is the only genetic testing company with customized reports in 8 languages.
• Nutrigenomix is the only genetic testing company funding research and making new discoveries that are published in top journals.
• Other genetic testing companies may use buccal swab kits, which give a 10x higher failure rate.
• Nutrigenomix is the only company to conduct a randomized control trial on the effects of disclosing genetic information on dietary intake behaviour. Here is the link to learn more. 
• Nutrigenomix offers the most comprehensive test for celiac disease risk. Other tests do not cover DQ7 variants in HLA, which account for 10% of celiac disease cases. This places a high risk for a false negative.
• Nutrigenomix is the only company to test markers for both low iron status and iron overload.

​Source:  Nutrigenomix Inc., 

If this is not enough to convince you of how incredibly Nutrigenomix can change your life, read this analysis of it here

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Coffee is not recommended for some, yet it is tolerated just fine and even benefits others. Some folks do better losing weight on a high protein diet - others don't get to their goals the way they thought they would, even though "so many" do well on it. We then look to studies, and even those give conflicting results with the disclaimer at the end of most of them stating, "more studies will be needed."

Part of the reason that studies differ constantly as to what is good and not so good for us, is because each person's genetics are different. Coffee may be detrimental to some, but to others, it has little ill effect, and may even be helpful.  Some people may do better on a low carbohydrate diet, while others may not. 

Great strides have been made in the area of nutrigenetics in the past few years, and now there is much more that can be told from your DNA than just a few years ago, when it comes to your nutritional health. 

Nutrigenomix, a leader in nutrigenetics, from the University of Toronto, provides an awesome 45-marker DNA test that will tell you much of what you  need to do to keep you at your nutritional best.

The future of nutrition is here.

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