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​​ Cathy Hains is your  caring and compassionate Nutrition, Health and Weight Management Coach, for the Gig Harbor, the South Sound Area & Nationwide

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​​Insurance pre-authorization doesn't have to be a confusing, frazzling experience. We've compiled as much info as we can onto this page to help you get through the process as easily and pleasantly as possible!  

Some may not know that their insurance plan may cover nutrition services with a registered dietitian.  In some cases for example, you may have four visits per year or perhaps unlimited visits up to the limit of your maximum medical nutrition therapy or prevention and wellness benefit.  You could get a referral from your physician. which is very helpful; however, most health insurance plans do not require referrals when you see a health provider who is in your network. 

Plans we accept

As of December 2016, Catherine is very happy to be an in-network preferred provider with these insurance companies:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO/EPO and Federal Employees Program
  • Cigna
  • Group Health (PPO)
  • KPS Health Plans
  • Humana
  • Medicare (for Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 1-4 only,
       referral helpful

  • Molina, referral helpful
  • Premera 
  • Regence (PP0)

Important: Most major insurance companies include some type of nutritional counseling benefits. It's also important to note that insurance plans listed above is not a guarantee of coverage, as each individual's plan will compensate differently based on plan specifics, deductibles and other factors.  Please see the list of questions below to ask your insurance customer service representative if you don't know about these factors. If you would like, we can call your insurance rep for you as a favor to pre-authorize your insurance, but it is ultimately up to client's responsibility. It is always best, before your first nutrition counseling appointment, to call your insurance provider with the toll free number located on the back of your insurance card, to be sure that you have nutrition counseling benefits. 

Out-of-Network Benefits - If your plan is not listed above, it still may pay up to 80% or so of costs of your visits. Be sure to contact your insurance plan provider to see what it will cover.

Health Savings Cards -  You may have this type of payment option on your plan to use not just for your current health providers, but practitioners who are not in-network with your plan as well, so be sure to know all the benefits you may have.
What To Ask Your Insurance Company

​Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists are recognized as health practitioners in the State of Washington, and therefore are eligible to bill insurance companies for services rendered.  Before scheduling an appointment, use this checklist to see if your insurance provider covers medical nutrition services. 

Be sure to ask the insurance rep these questions:

1.  If your insurance is not on the list above, ask if they recognize Registered Dietitians as medical providers.
2.  If your plan covers “Medical Nutrition Therapy” (CPT codes 97802 is the code for first visit, 97803 is the code for follow-ups.)

3.  If we are a preferred, contracted provider with your plan - under Lighthouse Nutrition and Wellness and/or Cathy Hains, NPI # 1215239959.
4.  If there is a co-pay, percent co-insurance, or deductible, and if deductible needs to be met for nutrition or weight loss service coverage. 
5.  How many office visits are allowable and whether you need a specific diagnosis code* or a referral from your primary care provider and pre-authorization.
6. If you have a condition such as obesity, diabetes, pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, high cholesterol, food allergies, an eating disorder or any gastrointestinal disease, it is helpful to mention it, as it may be an eligible diagnosis for medical nutrition services.
7. If your plan is not listed above, ask also if there are out-of-network benefits on your plan that can be used at Lighthouse Nutrition and Wellness.

Please call us with any questions or obstacles you may still have!