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Healthier eating at a few places around Gig Harbor

Ah, eating out! 

Don't you just love munching down with loved ones and friends, being pampered with fine food, music, and not having to clean up?  But eating out can be tempered by a need to watch one's weight and prevent disease. The good news is, you can still eat out and be healthy.  Lighthouse Nutrition and Wellness is offering this list of restaurants in the area that offer healthy options such as salad bars, salad entrees, gluten-free, no trans fats, lighter fare, etc.  Gig Harbor and the South Sound have some pretty  awesome places to check out. We'll also include some tips on how to eat healthier at some of these establishments. If you do not see a restaurant here you'd like to see, please drop us a line!

Note:  Restaurant managers and owners:  If you don't see your restaurant here, please give LNW's Registered Dietitian a call and let us know about your healthy offerings! We can also consult with you to create healthier options.  

Part of Health Care Reform involves federal legislation that, within about three years, would require restaurant chains with more than 20 locations to provide nutrient facts such as calorie counts on standard items served to be easily accessible to customers. Several states have their own state laws in place right now. Read about Washington's current state laws regarding restaurant menu labeling here.

Blue Agave 
Gig Harbor's newest Mexican restaurant offers a fresh, modern ambiance and many fresh, lower calorie meal options - if you look for them! Try the whole pinto beans over the refried beans, and grilled fish or shrimp tacos with corn tortillas, hold the cheese, add salsa or pico de gallo, or split a low-cholesterol veggie burrito. Those serious about losing weight and/or keeping it off should forgo the chips. It's really hard to eat light at Mexican restaurant without really customizing your order "no cheese please," "no chips, thanks," "not so greasy please.." etc. etc. 

Fondi Pizzeria 
4621 Point Fosdick Dr NW # 200, Gig Harbor, WA (253) 851-6666 ‎ 
Yes, they have really good and greasy pizza here - So why are they being listed in LNW's Recommended Restaurants? Because Fondi has a highly impressive array of large, bountiful salads such as the Insalata di Mele that even kids will love. They even have a vegan pizza. Have the huge salad, a half glass of wine, keep the pizza to one or two slices while you're next to their outdoor fireplace (good gosh stop talking and just savor the food!), and you'll find the jeans still fit the next day!

Greenhouse Restaurant 
4793 Pt. Fosdick Dr. NW, Gig Harbor, WA (253) 514-6482 
The Greenhouse is one of Uptown's latest arrivals, featuring local ingredients produced using sustainability. Many of their dishes at this eatery with great ambiance are what LNW would consider healthy such as their Grilled Vegetable Pasta, several salad meals, Grilled Veggie and (house-made) Hummus, and several seafood dishes. Many are listed as gluten free. A trendy and healthy place for a nice date night or special occasion, if you know what to choose! Just be sure to keep an eye on the sauces, tortilla chips, cheese and little accouterments which could sabotage your diet plan. 

Wok on Fire Mongolian Grill 
5500 Olympic Dr # A108, Gig Harbor, WA (253) 851-6699 ‎ 
This local favorite (earlier called Hot Iron Mongolian Grill) offers a long buffet line of many types of vegetables, tofu, meat and sauces. The wonderful thing about a Mongolian Grill type of restaurant is, you can pick what exactly goes into your bowl. If you are trying to lose weight, go for a bowl that has mostly vegetables and about 3-6 oz of lean protein (varies greatly per individual and case). Slim teenagers, lean construction workers and those trying to put on weight or keep from losing weight might benefit from adding more noodles with their vegetables and protein. No desserts are offered, which can be great for those avoiding temptation for sugar in their diet. Customer service is down-home friendly!

Il Lucano 
3119 Judson Street, Gig Harbor, WA (253) 514-8945 ‎ 
Chef Michelle is straight from Italy, and who better to prepare your fine Italian cuisine? He's super friendly and outgoing too and will come out to say hello and see if you liked your meal.  Talk about customer service. This kind of friendliness means that this restaurant will cater to your nutrition requests, such as adding more veggies to a meal or getting a side of fresh garlic (we've tried this out and it's true). Il Lucano also boasts a full range of gluten free pastas for those allergic or sensitive to wheat. They are also affiliated with  Massimo's,located in Purdy, so much of this pertains to them as well.

 LeLe Thai-Vietnamese Cuisine
4701 Point Fosdick Drive, Suite #200, Gig Harbor, WA 98335, (253) 514-6382
One of Gig Harbor's most elegant restaurants features Thai and Vietnamese dishes - which means that healthy food can be found here!  Try the salads with an Asian twist, fresh rolls and vegetable + protein dishes (hold the noodles and lots of rice).

 Kelly's Cafe & Espresso
7806 Pioneer Way, Gig Harbor, WA (253) 851-8697 ‎
Kelly's a long-time Maritime City favorite in the middle of old Downtown Gig Harbor  has accomplished an amazing feat -- It has managed to have that "favorite neighborhood hangout" for all ages without being unable to offer anything more than biscuits and gravy, greasy burgers and milkshakes to its hungry patrons. Well, on second thought, it actually does have all that too, but Kelly's has grown with the times to offer large, trendy Walnut Gorgonzola Apple salads, fruit choices with most meals, fish tacos (hold the sauce!), veggie burgers for those watching their cholesterol, and more.  Watch out for the huge delectable brownies, they'll getcha. If you ever cave in, definitely split it into 2 or 4 pieces, and by golly, don't get one every time! They also have a sugar-free huckleberry ice cream and fresh juices. 

 Marlene's Market & Deli
2951 South 38th Street, Tacoma, WA (253) 472-4080 ‎
2565 S Gateway Center Pl, Federal Way, WA (253) 839-0933
This wonderful locale is a health food store and deli combined, truly a Nutritional Powerhouse in this region. The Federal Way store is huge, with a large full scale deli  and seating area upstairs featuring a very long salad bar, "hot items and baked goods as well. They even offer many vegan options and occasional "raw" treats as well. Salad bar foods are priced by weight. The Tacoma location has a smaller deli area.

 Round Table Pizza
5500 Olympic Dr # H101, Gig Harbor, WA 98335 (253) 851-6250
Yes, I know, pizza again. But at least this restaurant has one of the few salad bars in Gig Harbor. Aren't you glad this isn't a donut kind of city? We'd really be in trouble. Here, just go easy on the pizza, skip the sugared sodas and stock up on non-fattening greens and veggies (go easy on the dressing and croutons!) and you'll be able to brag that you occasionally go to Round Table and never gain weight.

6820 Kimball Dr., Gig Harbor, WA 98335
4804-A Point Fosdick Dr., Gig Harbor, WA 98335
11430 51st Avenue NW, Gig Harbor, WA 
Key Center, Lakebay, WA
Subway has been heavily advertised as a healthy fast food chain, but are they? Well, they certainly can be! Subway in my opinion, is definitely in the lead of nutritious "fast food restaurant" options, with clear, proud postings of calories, and numerous low-calorie options, and they even have gluten-free bread. They even offer tips in their signs on how to reduce fat and sodium.  We are lucky to have THREE Subways in the Gig Harbor area. Caution, however! The cookies at the cashier and some of their more scrumptious offerings (like meatball subs) can tempt even those with the best intentions. Tip:  Ignore the more scrumptious, advertised offerings for a light salad and soup sometimes. Get there before you are starving. Add up the calories you will be consuming before you buy, and add lots of vegetables and as little fat as possible to your sandwich. Also don't forget that most sandwiches can be made into an entree salad with a little coaching, on days you are feeling quite ambitious. Again, getting there before you are very hungry is key.

 Taco Time
5117 Point Fosdick Drive Northwest, Gig Harbor (253) 851-2888
Here's a fast food restaurant that you can tell is really trying in the health department! Taco Time now has different Fit Hit TM bowls at around 250-300 calories and a great choice for those watching their weight but wanting to grab something on the run. Some other cool things about Taco Time is that their food is usually not too salty, they offer whole wheat tortillas, many of their foods are made locally, and they, like a few other places, offer zero-calorie carbonated water!

 Thai Hut
Ahh, Thai food! The exotic spices, the fresh and bold clashing of flavors. And the best news of all? There are many healthful choices in Thai food. Some of the healthiest options I've seen are the Fresh Rolls with tofu, and any of the many dishes that contain only vegetables + protein, such as Garden Delight With Tofu or Basil Vegetable with protein source of your choice.

Restaurant Owners/Managers - If your restaurant is not here, please give us a call and we will update this page!

Caution:  Unfortunately, even if you've found a low fat meal with lots of vegetables, most restaurants (especially Asian and Mexican) still rely on making your choices super salty to keep you coming back for more. If you really think about it, a little salt, not tons of salt, make the meal. But many restaurants still haven't grasped this. If you are the health-conscious type, be sure to ask that your food to come out with very little salt - you can always add more if it's just too bland. Even if they don't get it right, keep asking. Just imagine how everyone requesting this will affect the industry as a whole. 

Want even more tips? Tons more? We have them for clients of Lighthouse Nutrition & Wellness!  

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